Artin 1:43 Contest

Artin North America is very pleased to announce a new contest for 2006. More details on the contest and answers to any questions will be found on the Home Racing World Artin 1:43 forum; look under the "2006 Artin Contest" topic.


  • We don't want to write a book on rules, so let's just keep it simple and everyone can have fun!!!
    • The best overall modeling effort will win!!!
    • You need to start from an Artin 1:43 body and it needs to be mounted on an Artin 1:43 chassis.
    • From there on, anything goes: repainting or detailing the bodies, modeling after real cars and/or fantasy cars, bodies can be sanded and modified to create a different brand car, detailing is highly recommended like putting drivers in, clear windows, mesh in driver door, bigger rear spoilers, painting, decals, etc ‚ wheels can be changed if needed, just start from the original Artin 1:43 body and chassis and let your skills do the rest.
    • The contest starts now and results will be announced on 4/30/2006. Pictures of the cars MUST be received by 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time on 4/28/06. You can submit your entry by clicking the following link: e-mail your pictures and description, along with your name, e-mail address, city, state, country, and a few lines explaining what the car is and how it was modified from the original Artin car.
    • To be judged, 4 JPEG pictures of 800x600 pixels resolution MUST be sent: 1 front view of the car, 1 rear view of the car, a 3/4 view of the car (where the side and top of the car are both visible as in this example), and one bottom view of the car showing the chassis. Once submitted, your pictures will be posted on this web site.
    • A panel of 6 judges will judge the car based on their overall appearance, originality of the car being modeled, accuracy, paint and/or decals, etc ... Each judge will grade each car on a scale of 100 points, i.e. 600 is a perfect score.
    • Only one car can be entered per person, anyone in the world except Artin dealers and contest judges can participate.

All prizes donated by Artin North America, prizes will be awarded to the top ten cars in the following order:

  • 4-lane Power Passer Brickyard 400 set
    • 4-lane Standard Brickyard 400 set
    • 2-Lane Power Passer Brickyard 400 set
    • 2-Lane Standard Brickyard 400 set
    • 2-Lane Power Passer Indy set
    • 2-Lane Standard Indy set
    • 4 Power Passer NASCAR Dodge and Ford
    • 2 Power Passer NASCAR Dodge and Ford
    • 2 2006 Standard NASCAR Dodges
    • 2 Power Passer Indy Cars


  • Brian Schindler author of "A 1:24-hour Hobby" from Cars and Models Magazine
    • Jim Cunningham from Nomad Slot Car Racing
    • Mark from Derby City Speedway
    • Roland Rohrle from the Slot Shop in Australia
    • Sean from
    • Philippe Marchand




1. Zippo from BW-Slot in Germany

  • Artin Mercedes 300 SL
    • Magnet, rims and tires are from a Carrera GO!!! Porsche. Guide pin is also a Carrera GO!!!, but shortened. The decals are self-made.


2. Go!!!Mano from BW-Slot in Germany

  • Pickup Truck "Venus"
    • Original: Artin Race Truck
    • Sanded and repainted outside in copper and gold, inside black (light-tight).
    • Put decals on
    • Paint three times with clear lacquer
    • Front light and fog headlight with led´s
    • Back and stop light with red led´s
    • Exhaust flames with yellow led´s
    • All lights using a permanent light kit
    • Cut the front off, drill a hole for a Ninco guide flag
    • Paint the wheels gold
    • Sand the front tires smaller


3. Jimmy43 from Canada

  • Take a so-called tuner car and make it into a North American Dirt and Asphalt Racer.
    • Original: Artin Desperado Body
    • Like the song says, “She ain’t pretty”
    • Cut, dremelled, slammed to fit old school, none of that boom boom stereo, soup
    • Can exhaust stuff
    • Silly wing removed
    • Knocked out the glass, too dangerous, replaced with wire mesh
    • Painted purple and yellow (the kids’ favorite colors)
    • Stock Artin sticker decals, trimmed to fit (got to keep something the Artin people will recognize)
    • Fuel cell fabricated from the seat of another plastic toy car
    • Front bumper is styrene tubing
    • Nerfbars are plastic coated paperclips attached to body through holes and glued in place
    • Used a stock J2 Artin Chassis
    • Glued and trued tires fronts are 14 mm, rears are 16 mm
    • Headers glued to chassis (taken from a donor dollarstore car)
    • Chassis CA’ed to body along side panels and at front and rear to fuel cell


4. Cjent from Indiana

  • “Audi A4 DTM”
    • Original: Artin A4 Body


5. Liberty FLHTC from Iowa

  • “The Finger”
    • Original: Red/White Artin Corvette
    • Artin J2 Chassis
    • Modifications
    • Cut front end and installed inserts to narrow
    • Installed front slope panel
    • Cut rear window off and filled the remaining opening
    • Gutted the inside of the body of excess plastic
    • Stretched the frame to fit (about 7/16")
    • Installed a Goldmine motor and added extra traction magnet
    • Chassis is post mount in the rear and side mount in the front
    • Kandy paint is from House of Kolors
    • Paint starts as red, fades to purple then fades to blue
    • The ghost decal is "hand" made and painted


6. Jim from Ohio

  • “Dale Sr.”
    • This car started life as a #4791FF Stock Car. It has been converted to a 2006 Dale Earnhardt Sr. G.M. Goodwrench Monte Carlo SS.
    • I filled the original headlights, roof flaps, and gas filler, along with removing the air foil from the roof. It was repainted Classic Black, then decaled with Slixx Decals with my own home printed head and tail lights for the 2006 update, then clear coated with 3 coats of clear enamel. I also added nascar style wheels and Goodyear Eagle tires, along with all the wheel and tire markings. I also added an interior with roll bars, jack screws, driver and seat back, and window net. The car also features clear windows with markings. The car is completely race ready and runs great.


7. GK from Canada (a.k.a Pontiac455Judge)

  • “Porsche 911”
    • Aluminum exhaust
    • Custom cut glass (plastic)
    • Custom roll bars
    • Custom designed graphics, printed with testers paper.


8. Hoosier Hustler from Indiana

  • “NASCAR Limo”
    • 2 BODIES cut in half and epoxied back as one
    • Skinny tires all the way around, Chassis stretched, Green end bell motor
    • Results = runs pretty good on the straights, not so good in the curves!!!!


9. Josh from North Carolina

  • “KITT”: KITT started as a red Pontiac Firebird
    • T Tops cut out, front end removed and cut out made for scanner, back end was removed.
    • Car was sanded and painted Canyon Black.
    • Front and rear glass (plastic) installed.
    • Custom wrap around dash shaped from textured plastic installed - detailed/decaled.
    • Interior was fitted - detailed/painted driver with seat-back put in.
    • Knight Foundation emblem on rear deck.
    • Custom front end shaped from same plastic as dash - scanner decal glued in.
    • Custom rear end - tail pipes from a tuner car, flat back made from same plastic as rear glass.
    • The rear corners (next to tail pipes) hand shaped and, of course, a vanity plate decal.
    • Tail pipes and mirrors painted Argent Silver, all decals self-made
    • New G2 chassis with a zipzap motor for space requirements
    • Wheel covers glued in place to match the original Kitt
    • I had a lot of fun and frustration. Fat fingers, little parts !!!


10. Micyou03 from Connecticut

  • “USA 01 CorVette”: USA 01 Corvette started as an Artin T-Top Corvette that sat way too high
    • A lower profile robot motor from Electronic Goldmine was installed into the Artin chassis so the body can be cut and ground to sit more like a real Corvette. The body was then cut and ground as previously stated. Also the top and side glass was cut out so the hand painted resin driver can be added. The USA 01 and USA decals were designed and made by myself and the scallops on the sides are from Radical Decals.


11. Matt4x4 from Canada

  • “Porsche 935 Slantnose”: Artin Porsche GT2 modified to Porsche 935 Slantnose
    Body modifications:
    • Removed “Bolt on fender” look
    • Shaved and Filled front fenders to remove headlights and achieve slant nose look
    • Modified body mounts to lower car on chassis
    • Painted with Smoke Grey Metal flake
    • 3 coats Future clear coat
    • Electrical modifications:
    • Installed 3mm Orange LED’s as driving/fog lights in nose
    • Installed 3mm Red LED’s in tail light assembly
    • Installed Gold capacitor to retain power for lights when car is stopped
    • Installed micro plug to allow quick disconnect of body from chassis
    • Chassis modifications:
    • Front track narrowed to fit tires inside of wheel wells
    • Glued and trued tires front and back 14/16
    • Clear coated front tires
    • Car is the faster by about 2 seconds over a stock Artin per lap.


12. OldGreyRacer from Indiana

  • “Modified”
    • The body and chassis are 1980’s era Nissan300ZX.
    • Fitted with goldmine motor and modern wheels and tires.
    • Installed interior panel and six-point roll cage.
    • Trimmed the body modified style added weed burner headers in the style of the local oval track modified.
    • Rear spoiler made form plastic sheet, bumpers made from painted paper clips


13. Dustin from Indiana

  • “Artin Truck”
    • Custom Paint


14. Pfuetze from Austria

  • “Saleen S7”
    • Removed all stickers and dremeled out wheel wells
    • Adapted body mounting points
    • Added styrene sheet to the front as spoiler and removed magnet
    • Mounted stock Artin motor horizontal for lower center of gravity
    • Reinforced aluminum plates to the rear axle bearings for zero play in the bearings
    • Added guide mounting plate to the chassis front
    • Added Carrera Profi guide with silicone wires to the motor